Blaq Hair Care

The quest for healthy hair started in 2013. I was browsing through hair blogs and published ethnic hair books seeking solutions for my breaking dry hair. After trawling malls and organic markets seeking the products I had read about in hair blogs and books, and much to my disappointment they were not available in South Africa. This is when the Blaq Hair Care concept was born.


Blaq Hair Care was formally launched as a company in 2014 with the conviction to bring to the South African market the best ethnic hair care products from around the globe. Our most popular product is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil which is renowned worldwide for its hair restoration and scalp moisturizing properties.


We supply the best hair care products which promote hair growth, hair volume, restore a receding hair line which is caused by tight braids and weaving and also moisturizes the scalp.


We pride ourselves with supplying quality products and providing an awesome customer experience. We invite you to start your healthy hair journey with us!

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